FlyJesusChrist.com creator Fly Your Faith Gallery was created and inspired by Our Heavenly Father, God. It was birthed in 1997 to honor our parents and forefathers in their faith.

We hold 50 Licensed  Inspired Message Art Designs. in 2002 we became a S corporation. We currently are promoting the scripture from  The Holy Bible. “We Are To Rise A Banner Because Of The Truth! Psalms 60-4. Our future plans are to develop creative products to promote Jehovah God and our Lord Jesus Christ names.

Most importantly each piece of our Licensed  Message art carries a  Cross and Scripture to first acknowledge our Jehovah God and Lord Jesus Christ. The Trademark Name is ” His Loving Majesty’s Collection. Thus we are honoring his Holy Word. We are to acknowledge him first in all we do.

Our family has lived a life in serving this Great Country the USA and our fellowman. The famous singer Tony Orlando song ” Tie A  Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree” has been one powerful song and image to our military and their our families. From the beginning of 9-11  I was inspired to create ” HIS LOVING MAJESTY’S  MAGNETS. The Artwork includes the image of the Dove and Yellow Ribbon. Our work is designed to express the feelings of our soldiers and their families including our fellow countrymen.

1 Dove & Yellow Ribbon Magnet

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