Our Heavenly Father God never changes. Under the mandate of the Holy Spirit we are Currently  promoting Church home and Garden Flags with Brackets.  They are Licensed under  “His Loving Majesty Message Art Collection.” Our inventory is focused currently on    3 of the 12  Licensed CBS ‘Touched By an Angel” Banners with Black Curved Iron Brackets. Time for Passover and Easter. It is always about focusing the Author and Finisher of our faith-Jesus Christ.

Our family has lived a life in serving this Great Country and our fellowman. The famous singer Tony Orlando song ” Tie A  Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree” has been one powerful song and image to our military and their our families.

Thus we have created New Licensed  ” His Majesty’s Magnets”  Patriotic  Dove and Yellow Ribbon magnets

All our products can be viewed and purchased at www.flyyourfaith.com  Enjoy the shopping!

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